The Company

Andreoli Group is an Argentinean family-owned company with a large experience in the production and trading of grains, seeds, fertilizers and agri-inputs in South America. We work over owned and rented farms in the heart of the humid Pampas, the most productive lands in the region.

We own inland elevators for grain storage and distribution of farm supplies. We were able to extend our name and reputation, from the local to the export market by establishing Andreoli SA, the trading Division of the Group that commercializes our brands Pampas Pop (popcorn), Sunny Pampas (confectionary sunflower), barley and other specialties and commodities. Through our history, Andreoli Group has been a synonym of commitment and quality, with social responsibility and care for the environment.

We are fully convinced that the future growth of Andreoli Group will be towards the added value of our raw materials, in a vertically integrated business model, focused on the global commodity and specialty markets.
Given our strengths, Andreoli Group provides an excellent opportunity for those who are looking for local partners or strategic suppliers in Argentina and South America. We firmly believe that there is a market opportunity for this region to be a main food supplier, and we are well prepared for this challenge.